Sunday, January 12, 2014

Was Enchanted By Forever Friday.

The idea of this story sounded somewhat familiar,reminiscent of Nicholas Sparks' Notebook, but as I delved deeper into it, I realized it was nothing at all what I expected. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the main characters of the story, though neither of them were alive. Interesting twist on a love story!

We follow Adam Colby, an estate sale businessman with a broken marriage, as he discovers a stash of postcards that become a roadmap of a timeless romance and perhaps the secret to a lifelong love. The postcards reveal the budding love of Huck and Gabe Alexander and continue throughout their 60 year marriage as a testimony of true love and devotion. In a world tainted by distrust and misdeeds, the tenderly written postcards sent to Huck every Friday from Gabe share a portrait of what many of us yearn for - unconditional, unbridled love. Adam is skeptical, of course, given his current state of divorce, and struggles with his own vision of what love is and how it lasts and he has trouble understanding exactly what the postcards mean. Enter Yevette Galloway, the daughter of the Alexander's former housekeeper. She holds on to many of the secrets that linger in the postcards, and if she is willing to share them with Adam, it just may change his heart forever.

I found the story captivating and endearing, a great romantic read with engaging characters, an air of mystery and a tinge of whimsy.

I received this copy of the book complimentary from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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