Monday, November 9, 2009

Snowbound = One Free Week!

Woke up to a snow covered wonderland on the shopping day for our next 10 day venture. My first thought, "Guess we aren't shopping today!" Not that we were truly snowbound, we only received about four inches, but with all that beautiful, untouched snow all over our property, who wants to get in the car and drive to town?! Not us. So we decided to stretch our food supply for a bit. We definitely had enough to get by, so I decided to conduct a little experiment. Just how far could we go?

The answer came as a bit of a surprise. We went another week. Another full seven days
without buying any main ingredients...besides milk and bread. Not too shabby if you ask me. I also took a break from forming a new menu, and went back to some of the meals that were a big hit, as well as a couple of meals that got skipped (due to change in plans, a dinner out, etc.) so no new, new meals this week. For those of you keeping track, this puts us at $240 for 27 days. So, the breakdown is as follows:
$240 - 27 days
$8.89 - each day
$2.96 - each meal
$0.74 - each person!

And besides saving us a little more money on groceries, the snow was beautiful and fun to play in!