Sunday, December 23, 2012

....was moved by Still LoLo by Lauren Scruggs

 When I first saw this book as a choice for a free copy through Tyndale House Publishers, I was excited to read it. I was looking forward to learning more about Miss Scruggs story and to be able to share her journey with my children. I am always looking for ways to share stories of adversity and "being different" without going over the top. This book perfectly fits that bill.

Lauren Scruggs is an up and coming fashion journalist, a young woman making her way through the world, carrying with her the grace of God. She had just completed her online fashion magazine debut when the life that she knew came to a halt. On a fateful day just before Christmas of 2011, Lauren was struck by the spinning propeller of the small plane she had just taken a holiday light flight in. She was badly injured and her injuries were nearly fatal.

Her account of the accident and her life spread out among the pages of this book, written in the voices of herself, her twin sister, her mother, and her father. It is an account of a life on the brink of the vision of the American dream, and a life held tenaciously in the hands of God. What Lauren finds after the accident is what she ultimately was searching for all along ~ a place, a peace, a purpose.

I was moved by this story, by the honesty of the fears and doubts, by the courageousness of this young lady, and by her strength and integrity. I felt honored to be a part of her journey, feeling at times quite saddened by her raw emotions, and at other times quite uplifted by her resolve. This memoir is interlaced with many Christian values, and may come across as preachy to some. I didn't find it that way, as that is the basis on which Lauren and her family overcame tragic, to rejoice in a sense of peace through prayer.

The stories from Lauren's family are touching, and the photo look book in the center of the novel is both moving and inspiring. I have enjoyed sharing her story with my own daughter, who is 6. She was also quite moved by the strength of Lauren and how she overcame what could have been her breaking point. I recommend this memoir to anyone looking for inspiration.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received an ARC (advanced reader copy) of this book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.