Thursday, October 22, 2009

Two For One!

We have been wanting a cat. When we first moved out to the Ranch, we had two cats: Chloe and Zoe. Zoe was the first to "go wild" and then, when we returned from a three week vacation to Baja, Chloe had followed. We've seen them both "on the prowl" around the property, but neither of them has any desire to return to the "domestic lifestyle" that they grew up in. So, it's been a long, long, while since we've had any "cat germs," as my husband calls them, in the house.

When we were in Baja on our last trip, staying at the Grandstaff Guest House in San Quintin, we fell in love with some kitties that had been born in the Grandstaff shed. Now, the mama cat was feral (but sweet), so the kitties were feral as well, but OhSoCute! Of course, I've never met a kitten that wasn't, but that's beside the point. So, we thought and thought about those darn kitties. I really wanted a cat at the house, but to take these babies would mean, um, smuggling them into the US, and well, that really didn't seem like the best idea! Instead of going to jail (or federal prison) over some cute cats, we decided to check out our local Humane Society at home.

Cut to the chase. We decided it was time. Bobo and Mister were ready for a kitty (but would the kitty be ready for us?!). Load up the car and away we go! Off to the Humane Society of the White Mountains. One of our favorite local charities. We donate aluminum cans and shop at their thrift store to help insure that they can keep all of their homeless animals well fed and warm. They are a wonderful organization! Anyway, wouldn't you know it, the special of the month was - "Adopt One Cat, Get One Free!" Who knew there would be a BOGO for cats? I certainly didn't foresee saving money when we set out to find a new pet to love.

We went into the kitten room, and were surrounded by the cutest cats ever! Seriously, it was a cute-fest in there! Not to mention, an allergy sufferers worst nightmare (and I should know, as I am allergic to my favorite type of pet). So, as I'm sneezing, and sniffling, we fall in love with Mouse.

Of course, then there's that BOGO deal. Two cats for the price of one?! What a bargain! So, we decide to bring home Mouse's brother, Squeeker.

So what do you get nowadays at the Humane Society when you adopt a cat? The adoption fee is $45. And for that, you receive TWO cats! Two microchips, two sets of first vaccinations, two spay/neuters, two first month's of pet insurance, two first vet check-ups, one cat carrier and pet toy. Smoking good deal, if you ask me. And what could be better than this? Two new cats + Two cute kids = Tons of love and smiles!

So, if you are wanting a new little bundle of fluff to love, now is the time!! BOGO cats at the Humane Society of the White Mountains! LOVE!

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