Saturday, June 15, 2013

will read Unstoppable again and again!

You've probably heard of Nick Vujicic. You may have even read his book, "Life Without Limits" or heard one of his inspirational speeches. I had heard of him only in passing, but his story intrigued me. This book touched a deep part of my soul and awakened a spirit of hope within me.

From the first words in the book, I felt as if Nick was speaking to me, as though he was sitting in my living room carrying on a conversation with me. I thoroughly enjoyed the voice of the book and felt immediately at ease with the heavy topic at hand. "Unstoppable" is about "faith in action" ~ how to work your own faith and make it become an active part of your every day life.

I felt deeply moved in reading Nick's recollections of his early struggles, how he candidly spoke of his suicidal thoughts, and general sadness, and of how he overcame the pain in his mind with the faith in his heart. I felt honored to have this insight into his personal strife and inspired by the strength of his faith to overcome that in amazing ways. Nick has a gift for sharing the hope in God's word, and he succeeds in doing just that in this book. I recommend this book for anyone in need of inspiration and an uplifting of the soul.

I received this book free in exchange for my honest review ~ from Blogging For Books. If you would like to get your free books, too, please click the Blogging For Books link to the left.

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